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Trudging in the Footsteps of Friedrich Frierhoff

14 November
Moshe Feder was born in Brooklyn and has lived most of his life in Queens. He has been an SF/Fantasy reader since the late 50s, an active fan since 1970 and a pro since 1972 when he started working part time as Assistant Editor for Amazing and Fantastic magazines. Later he was a reviewer for Publishers Weekly and Science Fiction Chronicle, Assistant Editor of the SF Book Club, Editor in Chief of the Military Book Club and a reviewer for Asimov’s Science Fiction. He has been a judge for the World Fantasy Awards and the Sidewise Awards. His first, and so far only, short story appeared in Orbit 16 in 1975. He’s currently a Consulting Editor for Tor & Forge Books, working with such authors as Phillip Jennings (Nam-A-Rama), Brandon Sanderson (Elantris), Juliet E. McKenna (Southern Fire) and David Gerrold (the Chtorr series).

In his spare time, Moshe collects Coca-Cola memorabilia, enjoys classical music (and plans to keep his Philharmonic seat until he dies) not to mention jazz, rock, and folk, appreciates architecture, adores Richard Thompson and Stephen Sondheim, loves New York City and its subway system, is pedantic about pizza, lox, bagels, and ice cream, tries to keep up with science, thinks about doing a fanzine, is addicted to chocolate, prefers Macs, studies Jewish history, barracks for the Collingwood Magpies (an Australian Rules Football team), roots for the Yankees and the Mets, and is amused by his cats, Destry and Blaise.