sandial (sandial) wrote,

Presuming none of you are the fabled "old lady in Dubuque". . .

Since you don't all follow me regularly on Facebook or Twitter, I thought I should make sure you all heard about this anyway.

There's an amazing bargain being offered right now on The Complete New Yorker DVD set (that's every issue 2/1925-2/2005). It's just $17.95 from their website at !

This set was originally priced at $100, so it's a great deal. Not to mention the excellent quality and historical interest of the contents. You get every page of all those issues, even the ads. The viewer application works on both Macs and PCs.

Their promo email says "once this sale is over, we will no longer offer this product, and it will never be available again!" That's a shame, and I wonder why. I'm also sorry if it means there will be no more update disks issued. (Knowing I'd have every issue on disk has been a great help to me in NOT accumulating the issues that arrive here in the mail!)

But whatever's going on, don't miss this chance. I paid a lot more for my set!
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